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Architecture of the Self offers a practical approach to life issues. It is inspired by ancient Greek philosophy and its practical use in life. 


The book draws a picture of a metaphorical house which represents the Self. It offers working tools for the maintenance of the house, exercises which can be done daily in order to stay in mental shape, and interesting techniques by which one learns how to cultivate a healthy relationship with oneself. The relationship towards the Self is the relationship towards that house – we build it, we maintain it, clean it, tidy it up, or we neglect it and leave it messy. To those who wish to become architects of their own house, this is a must-read.


Rich with examples and stories, both from professional experience and personal life, Architecture of the Self is a practical guide for self-understanding and development, bringing ancient wisdom to a contemporary reader who is in search of a meaning in life. Given that we live in an ever-changing environment with technological advances which progress daily, this book is meant to ease the reader into a different feeling – a sense of practical work on the Selfwhich won't promise fast and easy to fix solutions. It rather aims to introduce a slow paceexperience which will make the reader return to the book several times, whenever they feel the need for inspiration, motivation or practical wisdom.


If one wishes to learn how to deal with the Self, one needs to learn how to think and act philosophically. This is precisely what The Architecture of the Self offers to the reader.

E-Book: Architecture of the Self

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